Trial Skills

The Law Office of Lucas X. Dillon works with some of the top investigators in the state of Michigan and has a staff to get the job done.

Julianne Cuneo | Investigator

Julianne Cuneo is a licensed private investigator in the state of Michigan currently working with the Law Office of Lucas X. Dillon as an investigator for inbound cases. She has worked as both an employee and business owner, giving her experience in working with clients and others on a professional level.

Ms. Cuneo achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and was educated at Wayne State University. As a past President of the National Lawyers Guild Detroit Chapter, she gained insight into being a leader. She is a National Association of Legal Investigators member and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers member.

In addition to on-the-job training, she received training and education by attending several seminars and forums since 1997. She is highly versed in death penalty investigation and has conducted mitigation training for JLWOP cases. She was a speaker at the University of Michigan Juvenile Justice Clinic in February 2014 and at the Criminal Defense Association of Michigan’s spring conference in March 2014.

Julianne Cuneo was awarded the Michigan Council of Professional Investigators’ 2012 Investigative Excellence Award, for her achievements in professionalism, ethics, tenacity, and integrity. She was featured in the Dateline NBC show “Graduation Night,” as the investigator who helped free two innocent men from prison. The show can be found here:

Kenneth MacEachern | Investigator & Polygraph Operator

Kenneth A. MacEachern is a licensed polygraph examiner currently working with the law office. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Lake Superior State College, completed polygraph training at the University of Houston, Texas, and completed studies at the F.B.I. Academy in Quantico, Virginia, at the Advanced School of Polygraph. To top of this impressive educational background, he graduated from Lake Superior State University with a Master of Business Administration and Labor Law in 1992.

Mr. MacEachern has a history of experience with polygraph examinations at both local and state law enforcement agencies. He has worked with the Michigan State Police as a Detective Sergeant, as a private and public examiner for attorneys and State of Michigan Agencies, and has run his own business, “Capital Polygraph.” Many of the polygraph tests performed have been for the local Ingham County Sheriff Department and the Lansing Police Department, while others have been used for cases with local attorneys and the Ingham County Prosecutors Office.

Mr. MacEachern has produced 8,510 polygraph tests since April 1986, proving his interest and integrity in the field.